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Case Study Sample

Super Charging This Company’s Sales Force Networking Skills Boosted Response By More Than 20%

Kinnear Office Furnishings doesn’t sell office furnishings from a catalog. What differentiates them from other office furnishers is they employ business space interior designers. They come in and design the office layout and other interior spaces and recommend and supply the furnishings for it.

According to CEO Janice Bell, “One of the toughest problems is identifying who in a company we need to contact about furnishings and office space. It could be anyone from the office manager to the CEO! Our sales team needs to aggressively network not only to identify the right contact person, but to get them to talk about furnishings and their interior space design obviously, the better our sales team is at networking, the more sales opportunities they’ll generate for us.”

Ms. Bell continues, “What I like about Smith Training and Consulting’s Networking for Results Success Program, is that there is no fluff or theory. Right from the first module, there were tips and tactics that our sales team could implement right away.”

Networking For Results Success Program has a 2 day on-site workshop for the sales team followed by twelve 20-minute training modules easy enough to fit into the busiest salespersons schedule. Sales people have an additional 180 days of coaching and support as well as schedule a call with Michael T. Smith or email him at a special email address.

Ms. Bell decided on Networking For Results Success because “we are constantly looking for any edge to get our foot in the door. We have a product that is of very high value to a company but, frankly, difficult to sell. The training program has helped us get our foot in the door of a lot more prospects than we did before, we’re averaging at lease 20% more contacts each week.

And the feedback from the sales team: “…sales people typically don’t like being pulled from the road, but it was only two days. And they really, really liked the virtual training modules. They could access them anytime and the fact they could call or email Michael himself to as questions and get advice.”

Ms. Bell continued: ”…without a doubt I would recommend the program, it’s a very effective program, especially for sales teams like outs that rely on networking to build sales. I’d highly recommend it!”