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Are You A Writer Who Hates Research Or A Company That Needs Marketing Copy?

We can do the research saving writers and companies needing marketing pieces precious time

At Cimarron Research Group, we will take on the time stealing hours of research so you can get down to the business of writing.

We supply writers solid research for books, scripts, articles in investing and finance, health, alternative medicine and software, just to name a few areas.

If you're company needs finished marketing pieces like white papers, case studies, blog posts, email newsletters and press releases, we can handle that too.

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We can customize our research to fit your needs, whether it is for:

  • Preparation Packages for Copywriters
  • Background research for books and scripts
  • Interviews and product research for white papers, case studies, email newsletters, blog posts and press releases
  • Fact checking
  • Speech Writing fact kits

Or whatever other assistance you may need to get your project up and running,

Simply fill out the contact form or call us at 818 478-7870